“Elven” from the album “Awakening Awen”

Welcome kindred traveller




Dear kindred traveler I’m Fralalai, I’m a musician and singer creating melodies, rhythms and incantations to re-connect with our  ‘Ancestral Enchantment’: that part of ourselves which is eternal and ever-flowing, rooted deep in the earth, radiant and vast like the stars.

I believe that that divine seed of enchantment is our most natural, archaic and blessed state of being, where we feel connected to the whole.

The seeds of Ancestral Enchantment are alive in all of us, we only need to remember…  

“Elven” from the album “Awakening Awen”

We are
portals of Remembrance
Lights of Ancestral Enchantment

“ I’ve been the warmth of fire
I’ve been the cold of winter
I’ve been the flight of swallows in the spring,
the summer on the hills
I’ve been the rumbling storm
the silence of the snow
I’ve been many things in many places
but I remember who I’ve been
and I found You in everything now that I can see…
because in everything I have been „

Upcoming Events

  • Concert Music Journey together with atmospheric percussionist Siem (Sympho Percussion)

    February 24, 2024

    Dwarsweg 45, 3959 AE Overberg

    More details

  • Solo Concert

    March 24, 2024

    Kasteel de Berckt, Baarlo – info comning soon
  • Immersive Music Journey – Fralalai & Siem Ranoesetiko – Harp, Vocals and Atmospheric Symphopercussion

    March 31, 2024

    La Cappella, therapie- en cultuurcentrum, Oude Velperweg 36A, 6824 HE Arnhem

    More details