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Guided by the magical and soothing sound of the Celtic harp, by the groundedness of the rhythmic drum, by the timeless magic of ancient folk instruments, and by the delicacy and power of vocal incantations, we travel through enchanted landscapes, sacred lands and ancient tales, re-connecting with the sacred and the otherworldly.

My Concerts are journeys of re-connection with ancestral energies and are filled with songs, tales and personal stories which bring us in contact with the depth of our inner dimensions and into a soulful state of enchantment.


ceremonies – intuitive movement – women circles – lay down journeys – conscious gatherings – plant medicine – retreats

My Music Journeys have an intuitive improvisational approach which tunes into the intension of the gathering, offering guidance. I use my array of folk and sound-healing instruments and my vocals to create a journey of melodies, rhythms and soundscapes which supports and facilitates people’s inner processes, expression and embodiment.

Depending on the intention of the gathering my musical expression and guidance varies, moving from blissful harp melodies, to deep grounding chants, to wild drumming and powerful vocals, to heartful soothing tones, supporting the processes of the group.


My Ceremonial Dancing Concerts, combine the power and symbolism of Ceremony and a  Live music journey in which the participants are invited to follow the music through intuitive movement and inner journeying.

I usually prepare an opening Ceremony with a specific theme, using ceremonial candles, elements of nature, a guided meditation and a sharing circle of intentions. This is followed by a guided body warm up after which The Music Journey takes place. The event ends with a closing ceremonial circle.   

The Ceremonial-Dancing-Concerts are a deep dive into the interweaving of ceremony, symbols, intention, physical embodiment and music.