Celtic harp and voice

Elven is a graceful tale of wonder, in which the ethereal and earthy dimensions of nature weave together in an elemental dance and the feminine body merges with the body of nature.

Luna Paraluna

Drum and vocal

Song inspired by the moon and by mysterious sardinian ‘Brebus’ : ancient words/incantations

Cantus Lavuentae

Harp and voice

Cantus Lavuentae is a soothing journey, a melody inspired by the flow of water and the sacredness of this precious element.

I sing the song of the flowing rivers In a self-created language and through ceremonial gestures.

Elven, Live

Celtic harp and singing

Live performance of my Song “Elven”, from my Album “Awakening Awen”

Live recording in Nature – ‘Connemara’

Harp and voice

Connemara is a song that I wrote in irish gaelic, dedicated to the “green doors”, the green “portals” of Nature: the moss, the fern, the leaves..

It’s an incantation to connect to the nature realms as well as being a love song: “Connemara, the wind is blowing, open all the green doors, send my breath to my Anam Cara (soul friend)”

Call of the Forest’s Spirits

Live recording

Call of the forest’s spirits is a live recording, improvised in the forest, a chant that expresses the mystery and enchantment of the forest realm.

Nuraghe So

Live @ RAqS in Amsterdam

Nurgahe so is dedicated to the majestic and ancient megalithic sites of Sardinia: the land of my father’s lineage, which is rich of ancient sacred temples, megalithic stones, folklore and legends.