Awakening Awen

Awekening Awen is an ethereal and deep journey of re-enchantment, which carries you into the elemental dance of pounding waves, enchanted forests, and twilight fireflies to awaken your “Awen”. “Awen” is an ancient celtic-bardic word signifying “breath of inspiration”

Channeled Chants

Vocal Improvistations

My Album “Channeled Chants, vocal improvisations” is a collection of Chants that I completely improvised in the recording studio, following the inspiration and the energy of the moment

Fruits of the Winds

“Fruits of the Winds” is a dreamy, passionate and intimate journey, coloured with hints of Celtic and Middle eastern atmospheres, in which known and mysterious languages blend together. The dreamy “winds” and the sensuous “fruits” of this music carry you into an experience full of wonder and enchantment.