Fralalai is a Harpist, Singer and Artist who awakens what is sacred, otherworldly and mythical in our profound essence. Through the shimmering strings of her harps, the beat of her drum calling, the angelic purity and emotional depth of her voice, she weaves melodies of ethereal elegance and grounded warmth, infused with hints of Celtic atmospheres and archaic chants. The delicacy and power of her astonishing singing voice, resonates from the high celestial dimensions to the depth of the earth, weaving incantations in a universal language which speaks to the soul.

Travel through mystic forests, singing waterfalls, deep caves and ancient tales, accessing the enchanted and ancestral realms within.  This immersive experience is a heart-warming journey of remembrance, an elemental dance where nature, myth and spirit come together, unfolding the melodies of the eternal flow of life.

Fralalai was born near the Italian Alps. Her northern Italian mother transmitted to her a love for northern European Celtic lore, music and spirituality while her father’s lineage comes from Sardinia, an ancient island filled with legends, sacred sites and folklore, which she dips back into, to reconnect with her ancestral roots.

As a child she spent endless afternoons in the idyllic landscapes of the Alps and absorbed the beauty and the language of the natural elements, which she embodies in her music.

Trained in classical guitar and visual arts before embarking on a journey as a singer and harpist, Fralalai’s embrace of these instruments came after a deep experience of loss and grieving. This experience, she says, opened “her portal of ancestral remembrance” allowing her music to serve as a means for guidance and transformation.